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Using Augmented Reality (AR) in Technology Driven Construction Projects - DPR Construction

We recently visited with our customer, DPR Construction, a national technical builder that specializes in highly complex and sustainable projects. DPR has been using VisualLive’s Mixed Reality HoloLens and mobile technology for their recent projects.

In this video, Project Engineer, Taylor Granat and SW Regional Field Tech Engineer, Josh Engelbrecht share their experiences using VisualLive and how it has benefited them both in the field and in collaboration with other departments and subcontractors.

Taylor Granat - DPR Construction, Project Engineer

“My experience with VisualLive has been nothing but positive. It takes a bit to get used to because we didn’t have experience with augmented reality technology, but it has proven to be a good option for us to get some different technology on to our job sites. On one of our job walks we were able to take VisualLive’s augmented reality application out to the field. What was really exciting was to see the enthusiasm with the foreman. As soon as we put the HoloLens on to the guys and their ability to see the model in real time they began to see the models on tablets and having a difficult time trying to fly through the model and trying to get used to the touch screen but with the ability of seeing it through the HoloLens was a big game-changer.”

Josh Engelbrecht - DPR, SW Regional Field Tech Engineer

“I believe the biggest benefit to using VisualLive is in the field. It’s a tool on a utility belt that we can use to really emphasize our VDC workflows. The models that the VDC creates in the office are generated and collaborated with the subcontractors and design teams can now be expanded to the field.”

Taylor Granat:

“I think that the biggest key to the future of BIM technology and VDC in general is being able to get this technology into the hands of the people who are actually installing and doing the work.”

“We have a lot of solutions that require a long drawn out workflow from getting a model to something out in the field that is more comfortable with and can apply what they're doing out there. It’s been a good solution for the time-being but it’s nothing like getting technology into the hands of them and giving them the model without needing to rely on a somewhat defunct workflow.”

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