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On Site Progress Tracking in Augmented Reality - Now Available in VisualLive

Identify and track installation progress and create real-time reports from the field in Augmented Reality

With VisualLive’s progress tracking feature in HoloLive™ for HoloLens and MobilLive™ for iOS and Android, you can manage and customize the build process of your projects by selecting the elements in your BIM on site and assign their status.

Status Tracking allows users to follow and report the build process of their projects in real time. Go to your toolbar and tap on "Install" on the right.

The tracking menu will pop up with the default statuses, the upload and new buttons, and a pie chart to visualize your current progress.

It’s as simple as aligning your AR model to the physical object and then within the main toolbar inside HoloLive or MobiLive and either airtap (HoloLens 2) or select Install Tracking to bring up the menu and begin marking what's been installed.

The green label will be previously Installed items while the orange will be assigned to NotInstalled items within the model.

For example we can double tap to mark them as installed.

We can track the progress of individual elemental items within the BIM as well.

The progress tracking report updates in real-time.

When we've completed marking what's installed, we can select the Upload Report feature from the bottom of the menu to send that report to our primary service such as Google Drive, SharePoint, AutoDesk BIM 360 and ProCore.

Creating Custom Status with Install Tracking:

Let's take a look at a different model that includes three layers.

In the HoloLens, you can airtap and record your custom status settings.

The user can also set a different preset color for your label.

The users can then identify items within the BIM and change their status and assign custom colors.

For example, some of the HVAC installation may need to be assigned for Rework.

Selection of rework items from within the HoloLens 2.

Then the new progress status will be updated in real-time.

Progress tracking allows users to be able to watch the build progress of their projects with ease.

The layers in the tool allow you to toggle on / off the items in the BIM. This allows users see specifics and be able to then reach other items that could potentially be blocked or out of reach.

We can single out certain groups to view and inspect and then once we're satisfied or have completed our job.

Progress Reporting from inside the HoloLens 2 headset

Finally, we can send the report to our primary service to show past, current and changed elements in our reports.

In your VIsualLive3D folder on your Google Drive, you can load the model you were using and then enter the install tracking folder to find the excel sheet created on the day of your report. You will have all the data and time stamps of when items were marked and the statuses you choose. When in your CAD software, you can click on the Venn diagram in the VL Plugin to pull up a list of when your reports were taken and hide other model pieces to view.

With progress tracking in VisualLive’s application, now users on the jobsite can easily assign item status from the field and send real-time reports back to the project manager and the VDC team using Augmented Reality.

VisualLive’s HoloLive™ for HoloLens and MobiLive™ for iOS / Android include our plugin for Navisworks and Revit which integrates progress configuration in the BIM. Our report services are integrated with Google Drive, SharePoint, AutoDesk BIM 360 and ProCore.

Try it yourself, schedule a private demo +1 (480) 245-7575 or download a free trial today.

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