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MobiLive™ allows you to load your BIM on mobile devices through our Navisworks or Revit plugins. You can place the 1:1 true scale model on location and interact with it. Once the model is loaded, adjustments and scalability can be easily configured within the menu.

Navigate Mode 









Navigate Mode provides the ability to take a virtual walk through your 3D BIM. In navigate mode, you can place yourself either inside or outside of your models for either focused detail identification or a birds-eye view. 


AR Mode










AR Mode creates an immersive 3D Mixed Reality. MobiLive allows for placement and adjustment in a truly immersive experience. AR Mode allows the users to navigate through the BIM in mixed reality where you can see the virtual design model mixed within the real elements of the job site. 

Workset Layers allow users to isolate geometry and turn on/off model groups for visibility which provides control over what elements are needed to be seen or not. The Properties feature allows a tree view of all the properties and building model information within the build-set.

Virtual Mock Up



Virtual Mock Up is used to scale down the BIM for a table-top presentation.  With MobiLive™, your model can be scaled down to be placed anywhere such as a conference table or a presentation area. This feature is invaluable for collaboration between stakeholders and practitioners who need to see the 3D model and all of its layers from every angle.  

Issue Tracking












Issue Tracking is a powerful feature of MobiLive™.  Every install is rarely perfect, when issues are identified, users can capture design discrepancies against reality directly from their mobile device and create real time reports onsite using the Markup feature. This greatly reduces rework and redesign and streamlines communication between the office, field and subcontractors.

Progress Tracking




Progress tracking allows you to assign installation attributes in real time. By simply identifying which items within the model have been installed, a user can select the appropriate layer, then click the items within the BIM and change their status from Not Installed, Previously Installed or Installed from the menu. The progress and reporting features work seamlessly within the application.

Measurement Tool  
















The Measurement tool is invaluable for site configuration inquiries. Measurements can be easily and accurately achieved by selecting points within either the BIM or reality to get both metric and standard dimensions.

Sync allows you to save up to 5,000 models locally on devices in the event cloud storage is not available or internet connectivity is not allowed on a job site.

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