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VisualLive on HoloLens 2

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HoloLive CAD/BIM Mixed Reality Solution on HoloLens

Push your BIM design models to HoloLens with a few simple clicks

for Architectural - Engineering - Construction

VisualLive’s HoloLive™ is the most advanced Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality (AR) application for the construction industry. Designed exclusively for use with the Microoft HoloLens including the latest HoloLens 2.

VisualLive was the first-to-market mixed reality solution for BIM technologies and now provides over 1,500 customers in the AEC Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry with the ability to design in house and place 1:1 full-scale (AR) models on the job-site. HoloLive™ is now widely used by MEP Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing companies and for new construction, renovation and energy projects.

HoloLive™ works with our Navisworks and Revit plugin that allows users to push their CAD built BIM on site into augmented reality for a truly immersive experience with the HoloLens 2 augmented reality glasses for construction.

HoloLive™ in Action

  • Revit and Navisworks plugins are included

  • Place your 3D live design model true scale on-site coordinate

  • Share your design/model files to other users remotely for collaboration 

  • Integration with Microsoft Remote Assist 

  • View and interact with your model information, parameters, and properties

  • Sync your models with HoloLens for offline access in the field

  • View your 3D modelling in construction with finished textures and materials

  • Procore and Autodesk BIM360 Integrations

  • HoloLens Mount for Hard Hat System Included

Navisworks to HoloLive 

HoloLive™ allows for placement of 3D building information modeling complete with layers and feature sets such as design tools, installation tracking in real-time and synchronized problem identification and tracking between the field and the virtual design office.  HoloLive™ for HoloLens 2 includes the most accurate model placement available in the mixed reality industry utilizing both customizable QR Codes and manual two-point alignment methods.  Drag-and-drop model placement allows the team to be up-and-running quickly in a matter of only a few clicks.

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Project Management Tools

Facility Management Tools

Collaboration Tools

Virtual Design Construction Tools

with professional VDC/Collaboration/Project Management/Facility Management tools

Ready to buy Microsoft HoloLens 2? VisualLive is a licensed Microsoft reseller of the HoloLens 2 with our Mixed Reality app bundle. You’ll receive a 20% discount with bundle purchase. Also includes our free Hololens mount for hard hat integration. 

Experience HoloLive for yourself. Get a free trial of our AR app with free download of our Navisworks and Revit plugins. 

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Always Innovating:
HoloLive™ now includes our exclusive HoloLens mount for Hard Hat integration. Our HoloLens for Hard Hat solution physically connects the HoloLens and HoloLens 2 to your ANSI-Approved hard hat. 

Popular Features

Push Revit / CAD / Navisworks models to HoloLens with a few clicks



Track installation

progress in real-time

Display model


In-app problem


Alignment Tools

Multiple realignment options

Quick drag tool

Automatic model realignment

Accurate model placement



Instant virtual

measuring tape

Offline use solution

Fully integrated with BIM360® and Procore®. Communicate seamlessly to your team and pre-existing project management software.

Revit to HoloLens

Navisworks to HoloLens



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