VisualLive is used in over 1500+ companies worldwide

"The coordination that's in the office and meetings should expand to the field with this technology. It’s a tool we can use to really emphasize our VDC workflows."

"VisualLive connects someone with the purest form of the design intent where the designers put their thoughts and feelings for a project into action."

Eric Cylwik

"The ability to look at the model in the real world and orient yourself in the field was definitely a huge game changer."

We went to speak with Neil Gordon and Bianca Rodriguez late May 2019, their team gave their opinions and told us what it is they enjoy about our software.

Early February 2019 we visited DPR to speak with Josh Engelbrecht and Taylor Granat to see how VisualLive helped them in their recent projects and how it boosted their workflows.